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Steel Tape How to maintain and how correction
                                 Steel Tape How to maintain and how correction
1, to keep clean, do not make it with the measured surface friction measurement to prevent scratching. Pull out the foot with too much force can not and should slowly pulled out, used up and let it slowly returned.
2, with only roll ruler, can not fold. Do not allow the tape into the wet and acid gases place to prevent corrosion.
3, when not in use as much as possible on the protective box to avoid a collision and clean.
1, steel tape measure calibration, 1000mm caliper flat on the table, select any metric size and fixed cursor.
2, take the amount of the block against the caliper measurement claw, hooked one end of a tape measure the amount of block zero, and then pulled to measure the size of the cursor claw, compared to the control tape scale.
One of the following situations, it must be corrected on the tape:
1, the new tape for the first time put into the use of purchase;
2, tape measure out of calibration or adjustment disorders and make improper calibration;
3, when the tape has been repaired;
4, the tape of the claws outward or inward significant deformation;
5, tape off the mark in the course, unclear, or rust;
6, after a correction tape is valid, that is from the last correction period exceeding one year;
7, extending or retracting tape measure effort or failure;
8, the other when necessary.

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