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steel measuring tape blade with production process

(1) cold-rolled steel belts: cold-rolled strip is about a thickness of about 0.11mm is divided into different widths of steel measuring tape ruler strip tape.
(2) on foot strip steel surface treatment: heat treated steel strip is modest, it has a certain toughness and tensile elastic, and its surface brightening.
(3) roll Primer: on foot through the strip steel pretreatment, as required for water-based paint roller handle and synchronize at 200 degrees Celsius per minute, drying, rolling, as the following process of preparation .
(4) Tape length engraved lines and characters printed: the foot strip coating process performed after delivery to scale (inches, centimeters) was printed on a special printing equipment, and simultaneously winding, as the following process of preparation.
(5) Roller finish: the length of the printed lines on the length of the indication and other information are foot strip paint roller handle, foot belt surface is both aesthetically pleasing, but also with the underlying protective coatings and print content features, and prolong life.
(6) cutting, inspection: The surface treatment of the full length of the foot strip were cut, and the scale technical test accuracy error.
(7) assembly, packaging, storage: The cut-foot zone after the inspection, the ruler headed hook coupling on the right foot, and the applicable scale shell, foot spring combined installation, and then after the necessary tests to confirm, packaging, warehousing.

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