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Seven steps to teach you how to Read a Measuring Tape
Seven steps to teach you how to Read a Measuring Tape
It is very important to know how to use a measuring tool as well as reading it. Some tips are showed below.
First, read one inch. One-inch marks are longer marks that, for spacing reasons, are usually found near but not on the 
large numbers designating inches. If it’s difficult to distinguish these lines on the top half of the tape, look at the 
bottom, where the lines will be extra long. a Measuring Tape
Second, read half an inch. A half-inch mark is centered between two one-inch marks and is usually has longest or second 
longest marks on the top half of the tape. There are 2 of these per inch.
Third, read a quarter of an inch. Lines marking a quarter of an inch often are not distinguished from the eighth-inch marks 
(explained in the next step).
The 4th, read an eighth of an inch. Lines marking an eighth of an inch are often the same length as quarter-inch marks. 
There are 8 of these per inch.  a Measuring Tape
The 5th , read a sixteenth of an inch. The sixteenth-inch marks are usually the shortest lines on the measuring tape. There 
are 16 of these per inch.a Measuring Tape
The 6th, Measure a length and mark the spot on the tape.
The 7th, Add the complete and incomplete inch segments to determine total length. Start by noting whether or not the point 
is past an inch mark. Then, note whether or not it is past a half-inch mark. Repeat with a quarter-inch mark, an eighth-
inch mark, and so on until you have determined the point’s precise location. Since you will be adding and subtracting 
fractions like 1/2, 1/16, and so on, you must know how to add fractions with unlike denominators. The denominator is the 
number in the bottom half of the fraction (whereas the numerator is the number in the top half). All fractions must have 
the same denominator in order to be added or subtracted.a Measuring Tape
I think you will understand more after reading even if you are a newer. Contact us if you still want to know more. Welcome! a Measuring Tape
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