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Introduction about Steel Tape Measure
A steel tape is a tape measure that is made of steel and is marked off in a linear scale. The scale could be in inches 
and/or centimeters. The steel tape is used for taking measurements and it is also referred to as a tapeline.
Tape measures are essentially rulers that are flexible in nature. One may be constructed of a thin band of metal or made 
with cloth. These handy measuring tapes normally take up very little space, making them ideal for carrying or storing in 
small spaces. They can be used in a number of different professions with ease, making them extremely popular and 
A tape measure will typically use the same units of measurement that are common with rulers. Often, they are double sided, 
with one side of the tape including measurements in linear increments, while the other side will provide measurements in 
metric. This means that just one can function about anywhere in the world.
Tape measures are used very widely. Every family should have one.
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