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How to calibration tape measure?
Steel tape measure our lives of most measuring instruments, mainly used to measure the length or width. In order to regulate steel tape testing work to ensure the accuracy of the values, it is combined with the production process conditions cloth production requirements, especially the development of the self-calibration method.
1, measurement standards: The legal metrology institutes test / calibration of the standard foot steel tape.
Measuring range: 0 ~ 5m, division value: 1mm.
2, the measured object: the use of steel tape measure, measuring range: 0 ~ 5m, division value: 1mm.
3, calibration method:
3.1 standard steel tape measure on a flat table, pulled out a period of about 2500px, measured on the table;
3.2 steel tape measure to be placed on the school table, pulled out the same size of the table compare the measurement;
3.3 with "m" as a starting point, pulled the same size, on a table to compare measurements.
3.4 over three consecutive measurements, and the average three times as a result.
4, the result of judgment
Measurement error measured with a standard foot steel tape measure less than 1mm qualified, if greater than 1mm ineligible.
5, self-calibration cycle: once a month.

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